Natural Environment

At Gem’s, every child is precious. And every thing we do is designed to bring out the best in each one. Our unique environment has been carefully created around the theme of ‘natural’.  You’ll find no plastic fantastic here.  Everything – from our furnishings to our playthings to our learning philosophy- is about giving every child the gift of natural learning. 


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Natural Goodness

The Gem’s theme of ‘natural’ sings loud and clear at snack and lunchtime. Our food is real – much of it grown by the children themselves in our own veggie garden – and prepared with love by our friendly cooks.  Every day children enjoy the ritual of eating together and experiencing fresh, wholesome, home cooked meals that fill them full of energy and goodness.


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Natural Play

Fresh air, green grass, animals, laughter, rough and tumble.  Once a week it’s Farm Day and off we all go to explore, play, learn and share.  Our weekly excursions to our own farm school are so exciting for the children. They love the trip out, holding hands with friends, running and jumping, chattering about all the things they discover. Moments we cherish, letting children be children… naturally.


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