April happenings in the Hive


The last few weeks we’ve been focusing on:

 1.     Mindfulness:

Open hearted attention to focus. Learning to be present and have ability to connect to the breath and our immediate experience in the now.

P.B.S- Pause, breath , smile. Teaching children to calm themselves down through connecting with their breath and taking a quiet moment to pause. (Learning to respond rather than react)

Meditation: using singing bowl and asking children to listen to their inner breath

Yoga: teaching children simple yoga techniques, cushion on tummy, sitting still like a frog- encouraging awareness of themselves and their surroundings.

Massages: using feathers, paint brushes,  on their own body and also learning to massage ( being kind, doing something nice to their friends)

Talking to children about their feelings. TheirBlue and Red wolves. What makes them angry and happy.

 2.     Wetland:

We have started a collaboration with Shotover Primary School and the Wakatipu Reforestation Trust in restoring a Wetland at the bottom of Shotover Country.

We joint all the students from the school in a mass planting afternoon, getting to see the Wetland close up and learning how to plant grasses.

This is an ongoing project and is taking over 10 years and we are excited about the prospect of working alongside the current Primary school children and continuing our relationshipwith children who graduate from Gem’s and watching them flourishat ‘big school’.

 3.     Giant Atlantic Growing Competition:

Over the last 100 days, families had been growing their giant pumpkins.

Last week was the final day, the children brought their pumpkins into Gem’s. The children were helping Alissa toline them up from smallest to biggest / lightest and heaviest. All the pumpkins got weight and Sadie’s pumpkin was the biggest and heaviest. (maths project)

1st –Sadie 15.8 kg

2nd – Alexis 13.4 kg

3rd-  Hinato 12.6 kg

4th- George and Oliver 10.7 kg

Working in a garden can be one of a child’s first experiences with care taking. Understanding that we are responsible for the growth or decline of the plants in the garden allows them to see the results of being responsible, protective, and gentle.

Gardening is fun and natures wonders are a great experience. Especially when a child’s first gardening experiences  are successfully.

 4.     Anzac commemorations:

  • Poppy making 4 year olds practised New Zealand’s National Anthem
  • White crosses for WW1 field of remembrance
  • Story about “Grandad marches on Anzac Day”
  • Created an area at the entrance of the room with wreath, Anzac images and the white crosses
  • On the Friday before Anzac the $ year olds had their own Anzac ceremony (as per story on Educa). They sang NZ National Anthem, read Anzac Poem, and listen to the story again
  •   Its about making connections to Community events, being part of the community as many children attended Anzac services with their family / whanau