gem and major

gem and major

Gemma Smith

Bachelor of Resource Studies


In 2008 Gemma and Mike Smith identified a real need for quality early childhood care services in the Queenstown area and they set about locating a site on which to build and establish their own childcare center. Four years later Little Rockets was born (now known as Gems).

Gemma comes from a solid background in environmental planning, practicing as a Resource Management Planner and co-owning a local planning consultancy for 6 years prior to venturing into the world of Early Childhood Education.

Gemma and Mike's goal was to establish a centre with a natural and homely environment,  a place where children, their families and teachers want to be. That initial goal has been achieved in spades. There's no resting on the laurels here though. This go-ahead local couple are totally committed to continuing to improve the service provided and make it the very best in town.

Gemma has huge respect for the dedication and passion that  the Gems team brings to work on a daily basis. She is proud to say that "their level of commitment and outstanding work ethic is so evident in the standard of service that has been established since we opened. We hope you and your children enjoy the team as much as we do."