Sharing a meal is an integral part of family life.  And so naturally we make it a crucial part of your child’s day at Gems too.  Yummy, nutritious home-style food fuels our pre-schoolers, keeps them healthy and helps them appreciate the rituals of eating and drinking together. 

By sharing a meal around a table, children eat a variety of food (often happily trying things they won’t eat at home), learn about healthy eating, have social interaction and give thanks to those who prepare their food. They become independent through serving their own food, setting up for meal times and clearing the table at the end. Fantastic life skills that our families appreciate now and after the children leave for big school!

Much of our food comes from our own kitchen garden – fresh organic vegetables – often planted and picked by the children themselves.  It’s just another example of our commitment to bringing nature and its wonders to the children.

 Meal times are generally structured as follows:

9.30 - 10.00 Rolling morning tea - children come and help themselves when they are hungry. Teachers ensure that all children have been offered something to eat during this period.
11.30 - 12.30 Lunch - with younger children eating first.
2.30 Afternoon tea
4.30 Late snack

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