Top 6 tips for behaviour management

We all have times when we are stumped! We find ourselves wondering "where do we go from here". For first time parents, or even around the block second or third time parents each child can challenge us with something new, something that makes us pause and wonder how do I approach this. 

Below are some of our go to strategies when we are faced with challenging behaviour:

  • Share the plan - Include your child in what you have planned next. Knowing what to expect, any changes in routine etc. will allow them time to get used to the idea. If they can anticipate, they can participate.

  • Offer Choice - Think of ways to offer choices. Offer two choices you are happy with, e.g. “You can choose to sit down with your drink, or we can put it away”

  • Developmentally appropriate expectations - Ask yourself- is the expectation appropriate for their developmental capabilities and understandings? Are you expecting too much?

  • Consistent approach. Once you find a strategy that works in a particular situation, continue to use it every time. Your child will become familiar with what the consequence will be in that circumstance.

  • Assess the situation - Look at each situation and assess it for what it is. It is important to figure out what it is that is causing conflict between you and your child. Ask yourself ‘is there another way we can do this?”

  • Take 5 - The more stressed you get the more behavior can escalate. Take a deep breathe and stay calm- ask for help- appreciate that strong minded, independent children grow into great leaders!

This too shall pass x