Reflections from Natasha Kibble Professional Development

Fostering our teams own personal and Professional Development is vital to the growth and development of Gems environment.

Providing meaningful PD which reflects our philosophies and enhances our teaching practices is overseen by Tash Doyle our multitalented Curriculum Coordinator. (Yes, she can coordinate all this while filling in as cook for the day! She’s clever girl our Tash!) Working with recognized New Zealand educators the team consistently develop and refine their practice to ensure the standard of care we provide our tamariki is consistent, meaningful and heartfelt.

August saw the team host New Zealand renowned educator Natasha Kibble in a full day workshop at our Shotover Country centre. Nelson based Natasha’s teachings based on Pikler and Reggio philosophies mirror those we uphold here at Gems.

Respectful caregiving, nurturing relationships and the importance of rituals were the key touchstones for the weekend.

The relationship is ALL. It is a matter of LIFE. Dr Emmi Pikler

The importance of nurturing relationships with the children in our care forms the basis of our Primary Care practice. Relationships nurture the brain, connecting emotional responsiveness and developing a self-image that will bring joy and pleasure with life long learning. These relationships coexisting with respectful care create an environment where children feel safe and secure to explore and develop at their own pace.

Reflections for careful consideration:

1.    The way we are touched, handled and cared for is the way we will be with others

2.    The way we are listened to and understood is how we feel about ourselves

Creating an environment which nurtures nature and allowing children to be surrounded by beauty where the soul grows, resonated with the Gems team and our love of a natural atheistic both in our indoor and outdoor environment. Wrapped up in the blanket of our environment, a harmonious environment creates space for our children to initiate their own learnings, have quiet contemplative space to chill out, all in their own time, unhurried and peaceful. Spaces where play is structured by the child, which in turn allows for emotionally willing and interested children. Creating a natural environment that fosters freedom, awe and wonder.

While there is always the important focus on the needs and relationships of our children Natasha also highlighted the importance of practicing our own self-care. What have we been doing to look after our own wellbeing?  We need to be the best that we can be, so we can in turn model to the children how to do it.

Reflecting on Natasha’s message the Gems team can be justifiably proud of the level of care and commitment they bring daily to their practice. Heartfelt thanks goes to Natasha for her time, expertise and inspiration.

Leaving us with the message that  everything comes from the simple heart led ingredients of:

Respect, Love and Kindness.