Monthly Update from The Nest - April 2016

The Nest - monthly update April 2016

With recent transitioning to The Hive, The Nest tamariki and kaiako farewell Molly, Sophie, Jenna, Ryder and Lachlan to their next learning journey. During this time we are also preparing to say goodbye to Chloe who is heading back to China in a couple of weeks with her family. We will dearly miss all of your smiley, warm and bubbly personalities in The Nest, along with the very close relationships we have established with each and every one of you and your whanau.

We are also welcoming many families into The Nest over the coming weeks. Nau mai, Haere mai Yasmin and Ella! You are both becoming familiar with the environments and building a sense of security with your Primary Caregivers. A warm welcome to Yasmin’s parents Cheryl and Kevin. Maria and Kris, we are thrilled to have Ella join the room, especially knowing her big brother Logan will keep a close eye on her as she flourishes here. Charlie, Sienna and Willa will also be joining us soon.

With the dynamic of the age of children shifting from older to younger again, the Nest teachers are reviewing, reflecting and beginning to plan for a change in the layout of environments. This will ensure there is a safe area for the babies to flourish and explore free movement and respectful care.

We currently are also facilitating all Nest children to express themselves openly and honestly. The Nest Team are very aware of the different ways young children non verbally and verbally communicate to the people, places and things around them. Here at Gem’s, we strive to foster a culture of love, attachment, freedom, respect and identity. Each child is unique and we want to cultivate that individuality and let it flourish and shine! We believe each child noes what learning path they need, they direct their interests and express their dislikes. The Nest Team facilitate this through the implementation of; Primary Caregiving, Respectful Language and Practice, 3 intimate kai rituals, a ‘YES’ environment, Free Movement Philosophies, Gentle Sleep Strategies, and integrating a child led curriculum. All teachers are available to speak with you about any of these topics and more, so please don’t hesitate to initiate conversations or concerns with your child’s Primary Caregiver, Chloe or Lana. We have a range of readings, articles and books available too that we are happy to photocopy or lend to you.

There has been several group learning moments this month, where we are observing children beginning to develop ideas around pro social skills. We are noticing a lot of verbal collaboration happening, negotiating between children, listening and offering, turn taking, and some advanced social skills such as showing concern for others’ feelings. Please keep an eye out for the Educa stories uploaded for your child, we love sharing these learning moments with you and your wider whanau, and are delighted to have contributions or comments in return regarding your thoughts on the story and how it aligns with the home context! Please also don’t hesitate to provide your child’s Primary Caregiver with email addresses for other family members. These can be easily added and as soon as an entry is submitted, all active emails accounts will be alerted. Such a great way for Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles etc to be involved and see pictures and written assessments about your precious gem.

To kick off May, The Nest Team welcome Jenny back from her 4 week teaching placement. That now concludes Jenny’s studies and we are very proud to congratulate her on all of her hard work while studying and working full time as she is now qualified! Ka rawe to mahi Jenny. Now that the team is reconnecting, our main priority is to achieve smooth transitioning, quality education and care, strong attachments and a sense of fun and love at Gem’s. .